Hotels beyond accommodation.
We are True Hoteliers rooted in our land for generations. We believe that absolute luxury is the pure reflection of True and Unconditional Hospitality. With simplicity and style, we are committed to taking you on a journey to relish the splendor of Greece.

Traveling to Greece is about getting immersed in the country’s cultural heritage deeply rooted within the architecture, the traditions and the rich gastronomic customs of our people.
Perhaps, the most important part of the travel is the relishing hospitable experience itself.

We regard Yades Greek Historic Hotels as a canvas of sophisticated boutique hotels with varied style and beauty driven by passionate hoteliers that know how to elevate the scents and touch the senses on each destination.


From the Byzantine monuments of the Peloponnese, the natural landscape of Western Greece, the alternate histories echoed in the streets of Thessaloniki, the serenity of Mount Athos, to the better known Aegean islands, from noble Rhodes to mystic Crete and the all charming Ionian islands, Yades hotels reveal Greece beyond a cliché.
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We are active members of our community. We want to share with you all of our knowledge about our surroundings and cultural events. We want you to capture the energy of our land and make your experience as unique as possible.

There is a place like no other…

A place full of wonder, history and tastes. A place where exquisite surroundings compete with refined gastronomy: "Avli Kriti" where A Great Story begins: