Few people have explored of the “lagoon” district of Western Greece, the 6 – lake “Natura 2000” protected environment where rare fauna and flora species harmoniously coexist next to deep blue ribbon formations of sea and land under the mesmerizing views of the mountainous villages.

There’s much more to do in Western Greece than simply lounging on your chaise lounge. Here are four ways how to explore the beauty of nature like a true explorer:


Start your day by hitting the ‘Limni Kremaston” (picture 1) trail departing from Agrinion (A) passing from the village of Agios Vlassios (B) (picture 2) to admire the fascinating views until reaching the ‘Limni Kremaston” lake with the turquoise and sapphire waters, islets of green land, natural bays and lagoon formations. The trail can be succeeded in one day with a combination of driving and hiking. A guide is always a good advise and the Marpessa hotel staff will help you find the appropriate one. (Map: picture 3)

Lagoon Excursions

The best way to explore the water is always by boat. The Trichonida lake, the largest and most spectacular lake of Western Greece is located close to the Marpessa hotel. The hotel staff will be happy to arrange your day trip to Trichonida (pictures 4 & 5) by private boat to visit the beauties at your own pace. At lunchtime you will enjoy barbecued fish at idyllic villages by the water. If you visit during the summer months, a dive to the waters is essential.

Thermal Sources

Known well since the antiquity, the Mourstianou and Chelova thermal sources of the Lysimachia lake (picture 6) of Western Greece are located in an altitude of 30 meters above the lake surface. The Mourstianou sources are open to the public.

In an altitude of 220 meters above surface and within a plush green environment one will discover the thermal sources of Trifou Xiromerou (picture 7 & 8). The water has therapeutic properties and the scenery is definitively breathtaking.

Water Sports

Simply the Water Ski and Wakeboard paradise (picture 9) , the Trichonida lake is a must for any water sports lover. The training favorite place of the national sport teams is open to the visitors to enjoy their sport throughout the year. Renting equipment is always available at the sports center, and the Marpessa hotel, a supporter of the water sports games, will assist you with the arrangements.

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